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I am [personal profile] sharpest_asp, and I am an addict writer. My original works are found at [personal profile] menagerie_fics and I am better known as [ profile] Merfilly for fanfiction.

My original 'verses currently encompass a gothic/supernatural-esque alternate history Earth, a post-cataclysm superhero world, and a fantasy world with much godly interfering. My fanfic? Well, there are more fandoms than I can count, though I am rarely in the 'popular' fandoms, or if I am, I'm in the unpopular character/'ship bleachers.

I try to write daily, though with work (medical laboratory support) going through upheavals this year, my volume is way down (probably to the joy of my circle, given how spammy I could be in the past).

I've been writing for my own/my late wife's consumption since 1991. I actively began sharing online around 2005, with an uptick from '07 onward. Looking forward to getting to know the writers here, and wishing you ease in your creation!

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Jul. 16th, 2015 07:09 pm
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This is a writing community, primarily for in-the-moment progress reports, discussion, and support. The aim here is to share as little or as much as you want about each day's writing and to gather active writers together so that we can take heart from each other's writing progress.

This community is open to every writer, whatever you are writing, however frequently you write, however much you write at a time, and whatever you want to share about your writing. If you are writing something right now, you are welcome!

How it works... )

(Short, outside the cut summary: reply to the daily post with whatever you want to say about your recent writing, if there isn't already a daily post, make one yourself.)

And I think that covers it. Welcome to the community, please jump in.


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