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[sticky entry] Sticky: Write Now

This is a writing community, primarily for in-the-moment progress reports, discussion, and support. The aim here is to share as little or as much as you want about each day's writing and to gather active writers together so that we can take heart from each other's writing progress.

This community is open to every writer, whatever you are writing, however frequently you write, however much you write at a time, and whatever you want to share about your writing. If you are writing something right now, you are welcome!

How it works... )

(Short, outside the cut summary: reply to the daily post with whatever you want to say about your recent writing, if there isn't already a daily post, make one yourself.)

And I think that covers it. Welcome to the community, please jump in.

New writing community / This writing community

The other writing community I've been in for several years, [community profile] go_write is currently accepting new members in a brand new community for 2017, [community profile] go_write_2017. Membership is open to anyone who is interested through the end of January, and I thought I would mention it here in case anyone in this community might be interested in another writing community.

[community profile] go_write has always had a different focus than this community, which was started because I wanted somewhere to talk about my writing on a daily basis. [community profile] go_write was/is a private community, and slower paced and lacking the structure that the idea of daily updates gives this community.

As a member of [community profile] go_write, I've appreciated having somewhere private to talk about writing (the writing discussions there have been excellent, and spanned pretty much all the aspects of writing), and about my projects, and planning and thinking about my own writing. I'm hoping the new community will continue the tradition!

If something like that sounds like it might be interesting to you, please check us out at [community profile] go_write_2017. If you'd like to join (during January only), you should be able to just click the join button on the profile page, but if you have any trouble feel free to PM me.

As for this community, for a little more than a year this community was here for me. It was part of my writing process, and helped me a lot. But more recently, I've been writing different stuff, in a different way, and daily reporting no longer makes sense to me with the way that I'm writing. This could change, my writing process changes a lot, but for now, I'm not planning on returning to daily posting.

But don't let that stop you! This community has always been open for posting, and that hasn't changed. If you want to post your own daily updates, that's exactly what this community has always been for, don't hesitate! And if anyone has any ideas that need my involvement (within the aims of this community), feel free to PM me.